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In White Births Beginning

November 17, 2010
By Mickey_D GOLD, Santa Cruz, California
Mickey_D GOLD, Santa Cruz, California
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If you don't believe in that subconscious self as a writer, then you shouldn't be doing it. ~Ray Bradbury

Clouds gather,

Soft and pure and clean,

Condense and dispense,

Until they’re torn

Shreds of dissipating,


Snow falls,

Crystallized moisture,

Blanketing the darkness,

A divergent transformation,

A blinding crisp white

In the night!

A flower,

Pale petals unfolding,

Revealing luminescence

Within the sweet yellowed core,

Blooming through

The supple snow.

The author's comments:
This piece was inspired--wouldn't you know--by my Creative Writing class prompt. I really loved this because, by God's good Grace, I thought of the idea that in the color white births other colors. White light put in a prism reflects the entire visible spectrum (to be a little scientific). On a white canvas an artist paints a masterpiece full of color. In a sense, white is the start of beauty and color.

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