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Ideal Future Love Promise

November 22, 2010
By Anaise11 SILVER, Randolph, Massachusetts
Anaise11 SILVER, Randolph, Massachusetts
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You know you've found the right one when instead of falling in love, they are holding you upright~ Past love experiences

I’ve liked,
And obsessed before
And I’ve promised and been promised
Beautiful mistakes of childhood happily-ever-after lore.
But this,
This is something new.
It keeps me awake at night
And fantasizing dream during daylight,
This is always.
Because his love put me in bloom,
We have a house in the sky
And the roof is on clouds 9,10, and 11.
And we have a hiding place among the stars
Our own loophole in Orion’s Belt,
Our own constellation
Where we can be seen but not reached.
But please leave us a message,
Because we’d really like to hear what
You have to say, as you criticize our love
With all your hate.
But there is no denying what I know to be true
Because I’ll step into his arms just to know
How it feels to fly.
And all you people who ask why?
Who demand how?
I can’t put my wings down now.
I won’t need to travel because he’ll be
The other side of the world to me.
And it’s not just that temporary feeling
That everyday love story you’ll be seeing,
Hearing on the radio
It’s my fountain of youth
Our moment of truth.
And alive.
It’s his words that are my own
And beat my heart flow.
If there’s a one in a million chance
That I’ll see a shooting star everyday
He’s the chance that makes me believe
I can be that star everyday.
But he’s no the better part of me
But the force that inspires me to be a better person,
The angel he calls me.
Because it’s not the 60-40 of my first,
Or the 30-70 of my second
Bu the 50-50 of my…well whatever number it is.
And God knows I can’t wait to see him
…I just haven’t met him yet.

The author's comments:
It's a feeling all of us look forward to

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