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November 22, 2010
By Anaise11 SILVER, Randolph, Massachusetts
Anaise11 SILVER, Randolph, Massachusetts
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I am someone and something you have never seen before
But you have kept inside.
I am the willow tree,
An essence of strength that bends
But does not break.
I am a promise that means everything
And keeps nothing.
I run with failed expectations
Because I aim so high.
You can only go up from where I’ve been
But you won’t fall from where I am.
I do not compare myself to something so small
As a common butterfly in its cocoon
Although my colors vibrate with purity and intensity.
Because I have been released.
I am free.
I have been so wrapped up in something
Then you
Or I
Or we
I am as real and true as the moment in which we stand.
I am what it is and so much more.
And all you little people who shake your heads at my truth,
And sneer a my smile,
Well, I can tell you,
You will have an excellent view of my backside
As I move forward
As the ground moves back with you.
Because the only thing that gets between me
And what I want
Is all that is above.
I struggle for those after me
And I remember for those before me.
And despite the great strides I may take,
I have not left you behind…
My hand is there to take
My warmth is here to share.
And I stand beside you always
Because I succeed as you,
As I
As we

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