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November 21, 2010
By daydreamer793 PLATINUM, New York, New York
daydreamer793 PLATINUM, New York, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"This too shall pass."
"What's going to happen in there, it's not right or wrong, it's not good or bad, it is. It's what happens next. "
"Even the worst things have things to love in them."

Not my favorite season
The worst for many a reason
The sun is hot
The heat forgot
To give me a liaison

Summer engulfs us
Humidity relentless
Beats down upon one's soul
Until we succumb to it in full

But then summer is alright
Scandalous steamy nights
We wait upon the dusk
When the sun relinquishes us
To the freedom of starlight

Summer grows on me
Society moves freely
I see the rawness of the sun
I slowly come undone
Summer is my season

I love summer fiercely
As I swim in the warm sea
We spend days and months together
I believe it to stay forever

But then summer goes away
Abandons me as it came
Cuts me off briskly
t'was only a bit of history
Leaves me to my misery

Autumn comes to break my fall
But it cannot stop it all
As I see traces of summer here and there
And miss its endearing call
Summer remains in my secret prayers

Winter and spring float by
I hardly sense the passage of time
Waiting only for summer
Who shall welcome me once more
Or so I believe until the days get longer

I search for it in the east
Looking for it to greet me
But as it comes around the bend
I feel a haunting grow within
Our story won't start again

For I was a foolish child
Sad it had left my side
And due to my naïve pride
Summer quickly gives me
To its fall contemporary

Though I hunger for its return
Its love I cannot re-earn
And summer became enthralled with spring
To see them faithfully every year
Brings a longing, painful tear.

The author's comments:
It's a metaphor for something, I'd prefer not to go into it seeing as the abandonment of summer is sort of an ongoing issue.

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