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I'm Here...

November 23, 2010
By Hawgs*Baby*Girl PLATINUM, Morrison, Tennessee
Hawgs*Baby*Girl PLATINUM, Morrison, Tennessee
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I'm here
I'm waiting for you
Waiting for you to see
See that im the girl who cares Who will do anything just to see You smile.

I'm here waiting on
Waiting on you to forgive me for Sll my mistakes
I need you tel me its ok

I'm here
waiting for you approval
I love you cant you see
I'm here waiting for you just for you.
Please open your eyes look at my Tears look at my tear stained Clothes

I'm here waiting for you to open Your eyes.

I love you i need you...
I've been here waiting for sometime now why don't you listen to me.
I feel like I'm screaming in a crowded room and none is Even looking at me...
I'm still here waiting on you
i love you

I'll always be here till the day i die..

I'll leave when you tell me to..

but till the day I'm put in hole ill never give up hope that one day you'll see...
that Ive been here waiting on you this whole time

I'm here now and will always be...

I'm Here

The author's comments:
this is for C.B.P im here baby and always will be

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