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November 25, 2010
By phlogiston ELITE, Hermitage, Tennessee
phlogiston ELITE, Hermitage, Tennessee
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So tired, but unable to sleep
Not able to close you eyes and drift off
Your mind moving 100 miles an hour
But not comprehending anything at all

Anxiety for the new day coming
Counting the hours, minutes, seconds
Time moving ever so slowly
The new day feeling farther and farther away

You can’t seem to stay still
Tossing and turning no way comfortable
Trying to calm yourself, willing to sleep
Counting to a thousand, then again, and again

Sleep just doesn’t seem to want to come
Giving up, slowly you rise from the bed
Glimpsing at the mirror to look at your face
Not recognizing the reflection in the mirror

Hair scattered around your face
Eyes dark with bags underneath
Looking at the clock, it’s three in the morning
Trying again to sleep, eyes open and it’s morning

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