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The Game of Love

November 25, 2010
By CelticThundeGurl SILVER, Benson, North Carolina
CelticThundeGurl SILVER, Benson, North Carolina
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I get up in the morning,
With a tear-stained face.
I cannot sleep at night.
I stay awake and pace.
I feel my life is over.
No love or joy I see.
My best friend is gone.
He has abandoned me.
I know I should move on,
And not dwell on the past.
But even if I smile,
I know that it won't last.
He is gone for good,
And has left me in the dust.
He said he doesn't care for me,
But deep inside he must!
He has moved on now,
And will not look back.
My days ahead look dark,
Doomed, cursed, and black.
I should have never tied my hopes
To one single man.
He was a player in the game.
Love was his slight of hand.
Be wary of that word.
The look in those eyes.
For deep down inside,
It may all be lies.
This, is the Game of Love.

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