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Little Birdie

November 26, 2010
By ElizabethS. PLATINUM, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
ElizabethS. PLATINUM, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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Hopping across the lawn,
I am just like you.
I am small and chipper and while
Flitting from here to there,
I can make a lot of noise, but
I do not scare anyone, and
I do not sway the opinions
Of those around me,
Just like you, little birdie.
And just like you, little birdie,
I do the best I can
And I work hard
At every task Iā€™m given.

But unlike you, little birdie,
I wish for more.
I want to be strong and fast
Like the hawks I see
Circling so high.
I want to rule over the world
As I soar above it.
I want to be strong.

But no, little birdie,
I am a sparrow just like you.
And, somehow, if being a sparrow
Is good enough for you,
Then, for now,
It is good enough for me, too.

The author's comments:
Even if you feel small, never feel weak.

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