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Want till death

November 23, 2010
By WhisperingWindz BRONZE, Arvada, Colorado
WhisperingWindz BRONZE, Arvada, Colorado
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My heart beats with a new sound,
A sound of wanting,
And need.
I want everything and nothing
At the exact same time.
I want life and death,
Love and pain,
Victory and sorrow.
For what difference is the two?
I want a breath, but not my last
I want a moment, but not my first
I want a memory, but not the present one.
I want so many things,
But cannot have one.
For you see,
Want is a death sentence.
A twisted desire
That can only be completely fulfilled
By one’s perish.
Desire means nothing more but death.
Love, till the day you die,
Hate till the day they prove it wrong,
Lie till the end of the world

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