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Worth It

November 13, 2010
By saramarie SILVER, Fairmount, Indiana
saramarie SILVER, Fairmount, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
hate is easy. love takes courage.
the only reason in life is love.
i don't hate you i just strongly dislike you.
you're a great friend but if zombies chase us i'm so tripping you.
if i didn't have my friends, who would i be?

Is this really worth it
The life that I live
Or the life that I pretend to live
Because I dont want you to judge me

Is it really worth it
Hiding who I really am
Just so youll like me
So you think I understand

Is it really worht it
In this life we all live
With the glitz and the glamour
And not being true

We all wear the make up
That hides who we really are
Even though we say we're true
We all have something to hide

We may lie about our family
We may lie about our real friends
We may lie about our faith
But we all lie about ourselves

The girls that are popular
That you want to be just like
Dont you think theyre hiding
Behind the person you see outside

Is it really worth it
Too hide who we are
Because we dont want to be seen
For who we really are

Is it really worth it
Or is it time to give it up
Give up the charade
Be who you really are

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