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Walking These Halls

December 27, 2010
By LoveMeHateMe GOLD, Tecumseh, Oklahoma
LoveMeHateMe GOLD, Tecumseh, Oklahoma
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Do you know what it feels like
To walk down the hall
And hear insults being said
Towards other people

Yet you feel like your being stabbed in the back
Because you know
That if they knew
The real you
They would feel the same way
Towards you
They would say the same things
To you

These people call themselves my friends
Yet they don’t know me at all
Because if they did
They wouldn't be my friends

If they knew the real me
I would be walking down the halls
But this time
The insults
Would be directed towards me

The author's comments:
At school, you hear people making negative comments all the time in the halls, and they rarely stop to think whether or not those comments are hurting more people than just the person the comment is aimed towards. I am one of the many people who is unintentionally hurt by their friends comments.

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