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iPod (All I Need)

January 2, 2011
By Anne_K PLATINUM, Northfield, Minnesota
Anne_K PLATINUM, Northfield, Minnesota
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in ‘my hands’
I hold my ‘breakaway’
on ‘the outside’
it’s an ipod
but on the inside
it’s ‘more than it seems’
‘I will believe’
in its power to inspire me
and make me ‘stronger’
whether it’s ‘the best day’
or a ‘bad day’,
you’re there for me
‘forever and always’
it brings me into a ‘new world’
that I ‘run’ to
to stay ‘alive’
you’re never ‘far away’
and I know ‘I got you’
a part of who I am’
whether you’re playing
‘our song’, ‘Mary’s song’
or a ‘love song’
you’re my pocketful of sunshine’
anytime I need you
in a ‘good place’
or the ‘dragon’s den’
when I’m wondering ‘where is the love?’
‘some kind of miracle’ to come
and teach me ‘how to save a life’
‘say’, you’re ‘(all I need)’
I know ‘you belong with me’
‘nothing I have ever known’
has brought ‘myself’ back
to the ‘other side of down’
such a ‘hero’, you light up
like ‘fireflies’ beneath the ‘falling stars’
and you’ll be there for me
when I’ can’t breathe’, or when
I’m ‘walking on snow’
‘chasing cars’, in search of a
‘city on our knees’, or my ‘homeland’
or when I just want to ‘come home’
you’re ‘the cure’ when there’s an ‘emergency (911)’
‘my kind of perfect’ escape
with you I’m ‘fearless’
so, ‘just for the record’
I’m saying ‘goodbye, apathy’
you ‘hold up my heart’
we’ll sit here together, ‘waiting for yesterday’
when all we can do is ‘let it rain’
there’s no ‘long road back’
because I’m ‘a little too not over you’
this is our ‘love story’
I’ll ‘never let you go’
‘say when’
and we’ll both
‘keep holding on’

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