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New Life

January 5, 2011
By cptmorganxo BRONZE, Lindenhurst, New York
cptmorganxo BRONZE, Lindenhurst, New York
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Her dark hair blew around wildly in her face
The memories fluttering away with the wind
As the ship set sail she stood at the bow
Watching her past slowly slip away
The hardships left behind
She needed time to think
Time to decide what to do next

He approached her with sadness clearly written on his face
His eyes full of sorrow
She knew
She knew what his next words would be
She had seen it coming ever since her mother became sick
He held her closely in his arms
Her face buried in his shoulder
Eyes streaming tears down her hollow cheeks
Slowly pulling back she wiped away her sorrow
Replacing it with an unreadable mask
She walked away from him
Away from her life
Away from everything she has ever known

Standing on the edge the salty mist settled firmly on her skin
It was finally clear
The decision to leave was inevitable
No more questions
No more worry
No more fear
She was no longer needed on the island
There she felt as if her life was a waste
Heading in the direction of a new life
She was happy for once in her sorrow filled life
No longer taking care of everyone else but herself
Free to lead a normal life
Away from the sad life she once led

The author's comments:
wrote this in creative writing. the prompt was to write about a voyage on a sea vessel but i decided to take it a little further.let me know what you think cuz my writing is kinda limited and needs to learn how to be more creative with my writing. lol

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