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Tea Party

January 6, 2011
By aliciamurphy BRONZE, Winfield, Illinois
aliciamurphy BRONZE, Winfield, Illinois
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In all this talk
all these power trips
Where are we?

Am I searching for something
Or something that just doesn’t
exist yet

Walking through halls
left wide open
an onlooker into minds
Quick sputters of conversation
gather me into their arms
I’m cradled to sleep on
cold hard humanity
have some humility

Think for one second
how are your words
being heard
In a teapot being stirred
I sit around this table
filled with scones and dainty sandwiches
sipping that big cup of tea
you just poured me
where is your mind?
Your heart
Your actions
Translating into confusion
spread wide across my face
blown through a sigh exiting my mouth

Are you seeing what I’m feeling?
Hidden between smiles and laughter
Passing tea around the table faster
and faster
Spinning circles through my dizzied mind

Looking into your eyes,
why do I even try?
I want to see you
No, not hidden
behind those evil lies
I want the softer side
the melting “I’m sorry”’s
escaping through innocence
bleeding out the arrogance

Just sleep on it

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