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January 10, 2011
By bootsieXoXoXoX BRONZE, Jefferson, New York
bootsieXoXoXoX BRONZE, Jefferson, New York
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Haunted nightmares and dreams of you
A broken heart burning in her chest
She yearns for love, for someone to care
She mourns her looses, so much death
To young to grasp the disasters around her
But old enough to feel the pain
She wears her love on her sleeve
It’s been beaten and battered
Stomped on by previous lovers
She reaches out for a hand
Someone to pull her from the dark abyss
In the morning she paints on a face
The one that will get her through the day
A mask with a smile that so few see behind
She goes through the motions
But she doesn’t understand
How people can be so cold and mean
At night she lies alone in a dark cold room
She thinks of all the people she has lost
Those murdered or disserted
The ones God has taken
She wonders where’d she’d be if she let go
If she gave up all her pain to be free
Would she be missed the way she misses them
And as she falls asleep
Alone in the dark room
A room that resembles the insides of her own mind
She goes back to her childhood
A time when things were easier and she was happy
She closes her eyes and sees his face
She picks up a pair of green handled scissors
Ones that have known the warmth of her skin before
And she wonders…
When will this pain end
When is the end of my story

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