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Undamaged, Untitled, Untold

January 12, 2011
By VintageWriter BRONZE, Madison, Wisconsin
VintageWriter BRONZE, Madison, Wisconsin
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The worst weeks are the ones that never really seem to start, so by the end they feel like they've been going on forever.

The night fell overhead like rain in a storm,
the stars were out now and the moon was glowing warm,
I shut my eyes and took in a deep breath.
I waited, and waited for something more.
The locks on the door wouldn’t move if I asked them to,
the sound from my guitar wouldn’t stay if I wanted it to,
the smile on his face was bound to leave me sometime.
The light in our face as we starred at the window,
wondering how we let it get between us,
hoping that now we would over come this thing.
There is a wall that I built that was never meant to come down
the things that I said were just a result of the medication
that I don’t have but I like to think that they help.
Push, pull, and shove the emotion away,
masking it as the hormonal imbalance in its place,
ask them to stay and sing you a song
about a girl with a brain that was too big for people to love,
now I can say I have finally written
about me and my constant inhibitions
that I really care about, no matter what you call them.
Now I am awake and laying on the ground,
to open my eyes and look at what I have found
something in the middle of me is saying this isn’t over.
My eyelids decide to part, and show me the sky,
ready and willing to take my place in this world again.
now look the other way and count to twenty-two
that’s how old I will be when I get through
all these problems that seems very big in this day.
When you see me again I hope that you will say,
“look at her, that’s the girl with the face that we’ve
now come to love, no matter what weird things they say
in the morning, she has yet to be normal again”
Now take you medication, get up of the floor,
learn to stand again, and walk straight into the door
and show them that nothing can faze you today
For the moment is yours and you choose to make it that way.

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