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My Life Is Not A Fairytale.

January 16, 2011
By Stefegg PLATINUM, Maysville, Missouri
Stefegg PLATINUM, Maysville, Missouri
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I’m not Cinderella,
Won’t lose my glass slipper at a ball,
And I am not Rapunzel,
My hair’s not quite that long.

I’m far from being a princess,
And I haven’t met my Prince Charming,
He won’t come looking for me with my shoe,
Or climb up my hair to save me.

The guy I fall in love with,
Won’t be a hideous beast,
And he won’t wake me with a kiss,
After I’ve fallen into a deep sleep.

I won’t be able to kiss a frog,
To turn him to a man,
And I won’t have to lose my voice,
To be able to walk on land.

I don’t have to live a fairytale,
To be able to fall in love,
I really just need someone,
Who’s everything I’ve been dreaming of.

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