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A feeling like no other

January 19, 2011
By shannannonnn BRONZE, Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey
shannannonnn BRONZE, Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey
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I awoke with a strong feeling,
The way you would, if you knew something was really wrong,
Only I knew it was really right.
I slipped on my slippers,
Threw on a scarf, and a sweater
My heart was pounding, I felt as thought it might burst out of my chest.
Ran down the stairs, and as I was catching my breath I pulled open my front door.
Taking each step carefully I walked down the path and was suddenly all alone,
Standing in the middle of the street, just darkness and I
I looked up, and there it was
The first snowflake of the winter
The flurries began to fall
I could feel them as they hit my face
It was like happiness meeting joy.
I was all alone with the snow.
I continued to watch as it hit the dew covered ground
It began to build up, the world was covered in white
It was the best time of the year
Snow, is a magical thing
For a little while if covers the filth of the world,
Makes it perfect
White and pure
The world is a better place when it snows
And the first snow only happens once a year,
And I was there to see it.

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