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I learned how to worry

January 19, 2011
By nvrxexistedx2xu GOLD, Chestertown, Maryland
nvrxexistedx2xu GOLD, Chestertown, Maryland
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Didn’t sleep last night.
Thinking…I know you tell me not to worry
But I do.
Every time your pager goes off.
Baby just say you didn’t hear it, stay here with me…please?
Honey, I have to go. They need me
Be careful… and hurry back to me.
Where is he,
he is supposed to be back by now..?
Who is this?
This is Anna right?
Yes, can I help you??
Can I come over,
this is the chief of the Fire Department?
Yes of course, the door is unlocked.
As we sat on the couch
all he can say is I am sorry..
What happened?
As his heads fell into his hands
tears rolled down his face.
Something happened didn’t it?
I tried everything I could to save him, but
When I got to him…
A single tear rolled down my face.
He was already gone, we tried Anna.
I am sorry…
I collapsed on the floor.
All he did was hug me.
I am sorry…

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