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Dancing Dreams

January 19, 2011
By WithPenAndScript DIAMOND, Venetia, Pennsylvania
WithPenAndScript DIAMOND, Venetia, Pennsylvania
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I believe that no matter who you are we all leave footprints on this Earth

Little dancer with little feet
Dancing to heaven's beat
Little dreams in a little box
Broken days with a broken clock

Twirl on stage, not a care
Leap high and mighty in the air
Pray for perfection,
and fear the rejection

Silence behind the song
Dancing as if nothing was wrong
A trip, a fall, thats it you lost it all
No more dancing feet, time to crawl

The little box filled with little dreams
Of dancing on stage, is done it seems
No more music, no more song
And no more dancing along
Dancing dreams are done

The author's comments:
This poem is a dancers dream of being a famous dancer and the audition that separates them from that dream. They mess up their audition and now the dream is broken.

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