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A Hidden World

January 26, 2011
By LyricalDisaster BRONZE, Greenbelt, Maryland
LyricalDisaster BRONZE, Greenbelt, Maryland
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I shut my ears,
From the noises that are near,
This world is so suffocating,
Walking on the sidewalk, hesitating,
Trying to figure out the loud crash,
And the burning ember from the fire's ash,
I drift through this space,
Admitting that I've been replaced,
Keen-Minded the people are,
They use it once and say it's bizarre,
Not knowing what and where I walk into,
Imagining it all without having a clue,
Wishfully wanting to see color,
And feel the aches people suffer,
Seems like there's a chain on my door,
Buried deep down beneath the floor,
I'm locked and can't get out at all,
Being stuck in this body can be such a downfall,
I scream and hurt myself,
So unfortunate that there's no one here to help,
Why don't I have a spark in me,
That leads me to a place I may be able to see,
Pushed around everywhere I go,
I've become my own foe,
I ask myself if the world would be so kind,
If they had known that I was blind!

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