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No Love

January 25, 2011
By Mayzzzz GOLD, HOBBS, New Mexico
Mayzzzz GOLD, HOBBS, New Mexico
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Favorite Quote:
I say "you know you love me" all the time. My mom said it and my aunt said it all the time. To me it means that i know the ones close to me love me and I dont always have to be told that they love me when i already know. I love my family..

He said at one time he loved me
then he said I hate you
and now he says don't talk to me
what did I do wrong?
I loved him
he said he loved me
but then he lied
do I trust him
or do I move on
with no love how can we be together
I'm nothing with out him
I'm sad
I cry
I lose my mind
I loved him
and all he did was lie!

The author's comments:
When i was with this guy he said he loved me and he went thought the motions but he really didn't love me.

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