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The Only Son

February 4, 2011
By exoticfall GOLD, Windham, Maine
exoticfall GOLD, Windham, Maine
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Spin and churn on the roaming sea
oh charm me quite deliberately
For I am the son of a poor man's daughter
I am the son of the wind at sea
I am the son of those who died
drowning in the highest tide

I have gazed in many widow's windows
and seen all of them cry
I have seen a thousand suns set
and I have seen a million men die
I have seen the exhalation of the final moments of life
I have seen the joy of men returning home,
I have seen silent seals sulking on a stone knife
But nothing compares to you
Nothing compares to you

I am the cardinals eldest son,
I am my mothers only love
I was her bright idea
Shining in the seaside sun
But mother, I'm sorry I had to leave
Paper ships floating in the deep black sea
But do not ask me to go home,
How could I leave?

I am the pride of a peasant father
I am the uncle of the king's daughter
I am the bastard of Oxford Shore
I am the the cause of the queen's maternal joy
But I am, oh I am
the son of the sea
I am the son of everything,
I am the son of the sea.

I am the only son of the sea
And mother, mother, do not call to me
for I am lost in the deep black sea
Briny whales wilt with salt
like flowers in the springtime sun
Otters float like lovers living, holding
hands, floating
mother, dear, how could I leave?
Please, do not ask me to leave
my only home
How could I go?
How could I go?

The author's comments:
Nautical nonsense.

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on Feb. 16 2011 at 2:45 pm
Smickles PLATINUM, Buffalo Grove, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
There is a reason that the people from your past did not make it to your future


haha! i love that you say it's nonsense, but it like it! it's winter were i am, made me think of the summer >.<