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February 6, 2011
By acc13a GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
acc13a GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
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A simple word left unspoken
brings this word into play
for the mouth remains sober
as the mind drifts away

the tears fall in separate rooms
but they all speak of fear
the path they have chosen brings the words left unspoken
alive, and the hearts near

but soon the downpour ceases
and the masks are put on
words left unspoken
crawl to their shadows
and the world will never hear of their bond

the paths the hearts dug
when they all shed a tear
made a path of their own
for the future to mirror
and the time will soon come
when all hearts will change
for the better or worse, the question remains
and although they were strangers
before this tale began,
no worries, the strangers will soon meet again

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