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A Ballad of Freedom

February 7, 2011
By WithPenAndScript DIAMOND, Venetia, Pennsylvania
WithPenAndScript DIAMOND, Venetia, Pennsylvania
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I believe that no matter who you are we all leave footprints on this Earth

On the corner of shame and desolate
Before the street known as the point of no return
Was where a girl from a prosperous house
Threw her future in the fire and watched it burn

This is the Ballad of a rebel

Be a lady, follow the rules, and listen when spoken to
Be a lady, be virtuous, that’s what you do
She plastered on a smile, and put on the frock
Year after year she grew tired of following the flock
Her dad was impending and his riches were great
But this material world she couldn’t relate
Her mother held no love for her husband
Married to his wealth, not to the wedding band
She listened with ears that were crying
Crying and wishing she could just stop trying
To fit in and act as they do
In her soul she yearned for something true

This is the Ballad of a lonely girl

The prep school preparing her to be
Whatever her parent’s vision could see
A doctor, lawyer, clay that could mold
Anything to ensure she did what she was told
She had dreams she held inside
A world so different that shouldn’t collide
Proper, poise don’t raise your voice
When was it ever the poor girl’s choice?

This is the Ballad of a prisoner

Kismet twinkled in the starry skyline
A future that would leave her on the headlines
A meltdown, erupting emotions she couldn’t hold
She ran away, her insides so cold
The park bench embraced the teen
While fate set up her next scene
Hand of compassion
Eyes of attraction

This is a Ballad of Fate

He brushed her off, cleared the eyes of tears
This angel boy, wiped clear her fears
Love at first sight is a fantasy
To say that is blasphemy
He her Romeo, she his Juliet
With their first kiss
Their future was set

This is a Ballad of Pure Love

Her heart was freed from its cage
Her golden heart, fate’s front page
She hadn’t tried, she was scared
To tell her family, but she was prepared
They were obtuse and had good news
They found her a match, but she refused
Enraged the father yelled
And she retreated in her shell

This is a Ballad of Despair

What could be done?
Her love bright as the sun
Her love promised it’d be okay
All the clouds would go away
But he was a poor man
And she was a meek lamb
She had to make a choice
She had to raise her voice
Sell her soul today,
Or just runaway?

This is a Ballad of Choice

They wed in the chapel on the hill
They were strong, and paid the bills
She felt joy, but her father felt fury
And Fate did worry
His plan to erase the man she chose
His cold heart proposed
A horrible thought to break
To leave her only a heartache
He bribed the men, they brought knives
Just trying to scare him, not take lives
He fought them off, to protect his wife
In the end it cost him his life

This is a Ballad of Sacrifice

She cried and screamed and ran to him
The knife punctured his heart when it went in
She was crying and held him close
This was her life destined for woes
His eyes were fading, his life ending
And her heart was never mending
She had to outrun her father’s path
Her heart was fueled her angered wrath
She burned the house,
The meek mouse
Her family burned a path in her heart
So she’d go out, showing them her dying art
She took a knife plunged it deep
And entered eternity’s sleep

This is a Ballad of Freedom

The author's comments:
A caged bird breaking free...

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