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Wicked Revenge

February 14, 2011
By Allythebunny BRONZE, 29Palms, California
Allythebunny BRONZE, 29Palms, California
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I feel so wicked

Turning and running like that

I couldn't help but notice

The expression on your face

As I left

The shine in your eyes

Left too

I can't help but wonder

If I hurt you in some way

Did I?

When I said no like that

On this very special day

Because you hurt me so badly

Did I hurt you?

Because somehow,

Just a little,

I hope I did.

I wish I could sense

Your breaking heart

Turning to ice as I said no

Just like the hundreds of others

Who lay far in my past

Like you do now

Do you feel that pain?

It's hurt you more than me

For sure, because

I was enjoying it so much.

So tell me this:

If I did this in revenge,

To get back at you for the pain

You've caused,

Am I really wicked?


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