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Tell Me

February 23, 2011
By Kevin0115 BRONZE, Herndon, Virginia
Kevin0115 BRONZE, Herndon, Virginia
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Today you leave and you don’t give me a reason
How do I explain it to my heart?
You showed me how to live by loving you
I would never learn to live without your warmth
And I don’t want to; I have to rip you out of me
How long is time
How big is the world?
Not bigger then my feelings for you
More higher than profound
Let’s just sit, let’s talk without hatred about my secrets
I forgive you, even though it hurts me more through my feelings
He wasn’t meant for you
You weren’t meant for him
I never lied or never failed you and our love went straight to the devil
Tell me how do I talk and forget about you
Tell me how I sleep by myself when my heart cries
If you know please tell me please
He would never love you like I did
You will suffer more then I will
There is always more pain then betrayal
Now fly and be happy with him
And you will see you will pay for all that you did
This is a lost story, a story that will never be told
You left my life and you stole my heart
Please don’t leave

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