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Red Ink Handed

February 18, 2011
By RemmiWrote SILVER, Goshen, New York
RemmiWrote SILVER, Goshen, New York
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Be patient
Life is hard
Be couragous.<3Francis Hoffman RIP

Germany in 1940
Was a time of war
Liesel Meminger goes to live
With a family that is poor.

The girl was young and skinny
With small bones that would ache
When moving to the Hubermann’s
She knew just what to take.

There was the first book she had stolen
“The Grave Diggers Hand Guide”
Hidden near the snowy train
On which her brother died.

Her hands burned with something,
Much more different than guilt,
It was a house full of passion
Starting to be built.

Hidden under her shirt
The next one she had stole
“The Shoulder Shrug” burned her chest
‘Cause it was taken from the coal.

Hans, her ‘father’, teaches Liesel
The lessons about life:
How to read and how to paint
And how to deal with his wife.

The books and the words
They fed her soul and brain
She stole those books and fell in love
In order to stay sane.

The next few books were taken
From the mayor’s wife
That lady was not normal
Since her son had lost his life.

Hans decided to hide a Jew
Under their basement stairs
The hopes of a Nazi not finding him
Was definitely in their prayers.

The Jewish man’s name was Max
And Liesel was a lot like him
She hated the Führer
And Max wanted to fight him.

How ironic that one was a book thief
And the other stole the sky
He had to leave the basement
When the bombs began to fly.

The last one book she had not stolen
But she wrote it with her pen
The last one book had stolen
Stole her family and her friends.

What a perpetual survivor
That little girl became
There’s death and then there’s war
But they will always be the same.

The author's comments:
This poem is about the book The Book Thief By: Markus Zusak. It was a really good book and for a book report we had to write a poem about it. I chose this one and my teacher thought i did an amazing job on it

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