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February 19, 2011
By RadioShower PLATINUM, Rio Rancho, New Mexico
RadioShower PLATINUM, Rio Rancho, New Mexico
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There is a cow
twirling the world on
her left front hoof.
And my dog is bouncing
on a red rubber ball
with a bottle of scotch
in her hand.
Yeah, I'm carzy!
but what do you know about it?
you don't see what i see,
or think what I think.
You're perfect!
your lables mean everything
to everyone else, but me.
because I already know it's true
I admit it I'm crazy!

The sky is made of puzzle pices
that makes a graphic picture
of what use to me my sanity.
but by God is it beautiful!
and you know it,
even if you cant see it.
The grass grows flowers
of shiny silver knives
and a school bus can take
me to No-Were-Ville
and I'll board that bus!
even if I have to pay
for it with my life!
and you know that because,
you're the driver
of that d*** thing

Yeah, I'm crazy!
but what the hell
am I suppose to do about it?
this is all I know and can be!
and you better know that
or your the crazy one
and not me.
I see a cow
twirling the world on
her left front hoof.
until it falls.
falls shattering into
a thousand pices
so small it would be impossible
to put them together again
and thats all I see
when I look in to your
God****** eyes!

The author's comments:
sorry if you hate cursing, but I hope you like it.
(its a slam poem)

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