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February 27, 2011
By DanniTwin502 PLATINUM, Wake Forest, North Carolina
DanniTwin502 PLATINUM, Wake Forest, North Carolina
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He’s just a player, a heartbreaker
But you’re still a fan if you’re a hater
He’s walking with swagger, owning all the eyes
And every girl wants to think “he’s mine”
And he sure knows how to play them
He’s got all the girls falling for him
He’s got the sunglasses and the dazzling smile grin
Doesn’t matter where he’s gone or been
“He’s gonna be the one”, but a week later they’re single
He got what he wanted but after he’ll leave you
And you can’t help but be in awe of the player
Even after what he did, you can’t hate him
So as long as the player doesn’t fall, girls will be watching
They’ll keep wishing he was theirs, and the player keeps walking.

The author's comments:
Some guys get what they want, cause they have what girls want. And in the end you think you're in love, but the guy will leave and just move on.

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