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Two Sides of One

February 27, 2011
By Kurrainette BRONZE, Gambrills, Maryland
Kurrainette BRONZE, Gambrills, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
"The best poet will make you cry, then will take responsibility and make you smile once again."

There is nothing in the world that is truly nice or mean,
But we name the action one of them out of what we’ve seen
There’s always going to be someone hurt, there is always someone who’s going to gain.
Where there is love and healing, there is a hint of unhappiness and pain
As scars heal and everyone smiles, the person who acts as the bandage is bloodied.
We can easily see the pain; the situation only has to be studied.
But at the same time, where there is pain, there is someone who lives happily knowing they’ll help you
No matter the situation, there will always be another side. There is always happiness for blood that spews.
For the blood that falls raises the sweet flowers which will grow to help someone over what they’ve been through
No situation is “good” or “bad” because the world is filled with confusion.
Denying some things as reality, considering other things a delusion.
Swaying back and forth with decisions, it’s possible that we’re never meant to know what is truly “good”
But don’t lose hope, while I also say that we may not live our lives knowing, we also could.

The author's comments:
This is my views on what situations have.

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