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March 6, 2011
By tinabeana24 GOLD, Cambridge, Massachusetts
tinabeana24 GOLD, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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If I were princess and you a prince,
You would be my knight in shining armor.
And save me from anything wicked
You wouldn’t let anyone or anything ever hurt me.
We’d never ever fight
We’d be happy that we have each other.
And we would have our haply ever after.

Too bad this isn’t a fairytale.
And I’m no princess and you’re no prince,
We fight every day,
My head and heart is pounding from all our wars,
But I feel like it’s the only way we can talk now.
So now I anticipate for those wars.

You’re the one that makes me cry every day,
I wonder
What did I ever do wrong?
Why do you hate me now?
Why do you ignore me?
You say it’s not me it’s you,
You need time to think
Tick, Tick, Tick,
Baby all I can say is your time is up.

Every time I say do you want me to stop,
Stop talking to you,
Do you want whatever this thing is we have over?
You tell me it’s your decision.
Well honey I’ve decided.
I’m done

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