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I remember

March 3, 2011
By Stories11 SILVER, San Diego, California
Stories11 SILVER, San Diego, California
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I remember rain
being seven years old
the green plastic of my rain coat
dancing to music that wasn't there
I remember being sick
from dancing too long
I caught a cold
I remember sunshine
the sun beating down
twelve years old
the sand beneath my feet
I remember the sun burns
how red my skin was
the smell of the aloe
as my mom rubbed it on my back and shoulders
I remember you
asking me out
going to the football games
I remember kissing you
kissing you first
you were to afraid
it was your first kiss too
I remember her
the girl you cheated with
a cheerleader
a blonde, of course,
figures, you always did like blondes
I remember thanking god
It was pouring rain
That way you couldn’t see the tears
As they ran down my cheeks
You walked away with a slap across the face,
I walked away with a broken heart
I remember Ben & Jerry’s
Drowning tears in Phish Food
I remember the hate
Watching your friends point and laugh
You told them you broke up with me
She’s toxic, not worth the suffering
I laughed to myself
I remember lots of things
Happiness followed by sadness,
I could count off hundreds
You are the only one I regret

The author's comments:
This about my first boyfriend, who cheated on me with my blonde cheerleader best friend who always wanted what she couldn't have, including her best friend's boyfriend, the next day I confronted her, she said it's not her fault I can't satisfy my boyfriend, I decked her hard across the mouth, we never spoke again.

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