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All I want is YOU

March 5, 2011
By Maracuja BRONZE, Vancouver, Other
Maracuja BRONZE, Vancouver, Other
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"The most wasted day, is that in which you have no laughed."

You’re getting closer now,
My heartbeat is increasing.
I fix my hair,
My skirt,
My shoes,
But nothing here is working.

You’re next to me,
I catch a breath, looking up extra slow.
I catch your eye,
And for that time,
The whole room is aglow.

I start to pray you’ll say something,
Maybe ask about the weather?
We could talk about our pasts,
Or how our futures tie together.

Actually, I’d take a simple “hi”
If it meant being here with you,
Slowly you begin walk away,
But my eyes are locked on you.

I picture you now turning back,
Realizing you were wrong.
Admitting I am what you need,
What you’ve wanted all along.

But you glance down,
The moments passed,
Oh how I wish you knew!

How do you not hear my eyes yell out?
All I want is YOU.

The author's comments:
Things that need to be said.

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