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An Open Stage

March 11, 2011
By emilyann SILVER, Melrose, Iowa
emilyann SILVER, Melrose, Iowa
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I sit and stare at this blank, white page,
words failing me to explain.
The lines, they mock and laugh at me,
for they know I can't let go of my pain.
The pen in my hand, the page right in front of me,
why can't I just tell you, let you see what I see?
I'm burning to ash with this feeling inside,
I wish I could pull the curtains,
let you gasp at what I hide.
But my heart will never be an open stage,
you'll never buy a ticket, ten bucks to see my rage.
So yell at me, scream at me to go on with the show,
what eats at my insides, you'll never, ever know..

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