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How we feel in the city

March 13, 2011
By bubj98 BRONZE, Oceanside, California
bubj98 BRONZE, Oceanside, California
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"hate is a strong word ,but love is a stronger one"
"sometimes batteries help when the little robot inside your head stops working"
"i guess that guy over there is like...alive?"

I sink into the taxi seat.
I watch the lights above,my head stuck in the air as the buildings strut out through the little yellow window.
The darkness right outside reaches for me,but I fight it back with breaths.
People pass by and I feel so small,so invisible in this place.
I feel like shrinking and shrinking and shriking.
Water swells up in my eyes,and the tears fall slowly.
The moving stops and i pay the driver.
I watch the the car speed off and become a little yellow smudge in the huge black horizon.
It reminds me of how I feel.
A realizaton comes upon me and I realize that everyone must feel unimportant and small,like me.

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