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March 17, 2011
By TrickrTreat GOLD, Fowlerville, Michigan
TrickrTreat GOLD, Fowlerville, Michigan
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Your heart
The blueprint of an icebox
Lies you whispered
Came out as snowflakes
So radiant and so cold
Just like you
The most beautiful homely man
God could of created.
Maybe it was to punish me
Because I cured loneliness with sin
But God’s creation was blessed
With the devil’s grin.
I longed for you
To be obsessed with me
So I took a swan dive into my mirror
And became what you wanted
But when the blizzard passes
Your snowflake breath morphed
Into a glamorous inferno
I could see the demons
In your eyes
That no exorcism could erase
I could see your victims inside you
Too bad no one else will

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