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Her Hands

March 17, 2011
By TrickrTreat GOLD, Fowlerville, Michigan
TrickrTreat GOLD, Fowlerville, Michigan
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She is just barely asleep
When I come in to wake her
Every morning
After her insomnia retreats for the night,
And I feel bad
Pressing her shoulder
To wake her up
Just so she can drive me to school
Running on an hour of sleep
She doesn’t open her eyes
But gingerly lifts her hand
No ring
No wrinkles
No harshness about it
When she touches my face
J-Lo Glow mixed with
Donna Karen’s Cashmere Mist
Waltz’s into my nose
She pulls her other hand
Out from under her
And lifts me into bed by her side
She turns to face me
Eyes still closed
Takes her pixie hands
Grabs my cheek
And kisses my nose
We lay there
Her hands in my hair
Taking out the knots I missed
Her breathing slow
As does her movements
Back asleep she falls
A deep hibernation only bears would know about
Her hands slide from my face
Back to her pillow
And I guess
That I’m not going to school
That day after all.

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