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Forever Hers

March 23, 2011
By CrystalBlood SILVER, Clinton, Connecticut
CrystalBlood SILVER, Clinton, Connecticut
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Reined by wind the currents forever cascade
Voyage for the beyond and our horizon will fade

Humans' feared enigma encircles their domain
Watercrafts seduced by this brine leave no remains

Dreading the discovery of an edge to the world
Adventures set forth, on top the mast a sail unfurled

Alas they braved the whirlpools and sea demons
Just to meet the doom of the craft's every seaman

Too late they realized the current's strong force
Unknowingly it had put them off their course

Now beyond help the waters would not set them free
Overboard was the last place for the men to flee

Onto the jagged rocks desperate sailors tried to grope
Suddenly smothered by water, their bodies unable to cope

Such is the demise of our brave adventurers
Their vessel gone, bodies lost, souls forever hers

From the eternal waterfall none ever return
The edge of the world
Where the water and blood never cease to churn

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