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Look Who's Laughing

April 11, 2011
By WALL-E DIAMOND, Portland, Oregon
WALL-E DIAMOND, Portland, Oregon
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Look who's laughing now
The curve of my glittering fingers
Arching over my tilted head
My lacquered eyes
The strobe lights
Switch on with musical clicks
Illuminating glistening sweaty faces
Guilty eyes fringed with forgetful lashes
Hands that beat fruitlessly against each other
The keening violins begin and I slowly slide across the floor
Gliding my feet brushing burnished wood
Trying to erase nights when you followed me home
Prowling wolves ruthless
Stole my black ballet shoes heartless
Tossed them in the trash relentless
Dumpster diving ballerina I emerged
And stared into your bleeding smirks
Just wait you'll pay
I promised

Ha ha
Look who's laughing now.

Bruised toes point and curve
Powerful legs scissor me leaping into infinity
Throw back my weightless head stare into the steady brilliance
Glimpse your gasps as I am suspended for eternity
I smile and
Land more lightly than I tumbled to the icy ground
Panting and clutching my fragile ribs
As if to hold my fragmented heart together
Doors cracked open fearful footsteps
Retreating, leaving me with torn ballet shoes and a vengeance
Prepare fourth and feel the reassuring pressure of the stage
Launch myself into an endless pirouette
Around and around and around till your bright faces blur
I told myself I would never forget the scent of your brittle laughter
And as the lights pierce me, lungs heaving, mouth open beautiful
I scream silently into the shattering of your earnest applause
At your brutal hands your glass smiles at memories
Of dark blood on pale snow
Turning and turning leg whipping sharply in and out
Remembering how I dragged myself onto my knees
Coughed sharply and struggled to my feet
While you retreated into the darkness like echoes on a still pond
Leaving me broken and weeping to the music of your derision

As I soar above the stage
I want you to notice my wings
My victory, the beaten black ballet shoes
Have bravely taken flight
Look who's laughing now.

The author's comments:
Inspired by the musical/movie Billy Elliot.

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