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Cynical Faith

April 13, 2011
By Evilgummysattack GOLD, Williamsburg, Michigan
Evilgummysattack GOLD, Williamsburg, Michigan
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Everyone is insane,
Can’t remember where we came from.
How can you feel this way?
People dieing all around.
People changing. When?
That’s the way you see it then.
Can’t we escape this hell?
Why can’t you see this world through a child’s eyes?
So innocent, bright.
Oh pain, why?
We hear your silent crys,
We plead for help with you.
None of this is new.
Spinning in and out?
Now there’s no doubt.
I’m going insane with you.
This world is so cold to the blind man.
So what is your plan?
Send us away.
Send us away!
Can you even take this pain?
Send it away.
Send it away!
Society’s already gone.
And when it seems to much,
Please come find me here.
I won’t do much,
Just tell me what you want to hear.
We are all insane.
We are going to die.
Just give up.
Please do not try.
Are lives were already planned.
We of little faith,
Insulted by new ideas.
If you don’t like this life,
Try to find another.
We were only put here to love and be loved by each other.

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