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April 21, 2011
By antiquity SILVER, White Oak, Texas
antiquity SILVER, White Oak, Texas
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i. Eighth and sixteenth notes dance across my spine,
Chopin's ghostly melodies resonating through my skin.
My heart beats double-time to the 6/4 beats,
Dancing its own personal waltz too fast for its partners to follow.
The chills begin on my arms, the hands on the keys in my sight,
Ivory and ebony dancers reacting to the man-made pulse.

1. My home, my keys have long awaited my crashing return,
The ballade coursing through my veins like a drug.
My eyes close as my soul opens,
The notes, long lying dormant, dancing from my fingertips.
My eyes laze open and pan to include “her” in my gaze,
The keys continuing almost alone, my hands guide them to the next steps.

ii. The core of me shatters at the keys' pounding zenith,
His gaze meeting mine as each note takes me higher on my euphoric trip.
The silence paints my cheeks red as he stops, my hands still on my skin
Then he continues and it hits me like a train, the emotion slapping me.
His eyes swirl with white, crimson, indigo, and sunshine;
With love, lust, sadness, and happiness.

2. She's beautiful, lying there, my couch having become a shrine,
Her muscles, her emotions, all cadence and dance with the triplets.
Lovingly, I'm stroking the keys, pretending they are the angel I'm missing,
My heart pounding in a melancholy beat, the music crawling to me; her, away.
The ebony and ivory dancers still, my fingers lingering on their delicate forms,
My gaze shifts back to her, always her, waiting for some sort of response.

iii. Septuplet chords ring out as “he” stands, the weight of the music crushing me still,
and I can't help but feel alone on that couch.
Watching him, it feels as though he's let me go, despite the look in his eye,
The loss of the music making me feel like I was just thrown from a lover's embrace.
Not knowing what to say, I step into his heart, accepting his warmth,
And I know there are emotions on my face, liquid fears dripping from my eyes.

3. “Her” embrace blossoms heat and music on my lonely bones,
And I will my emotions to twirl and dance into her heart.

iv. “His” arms around me replace the music with their loveliness,
and I will my emotions to dip and dance into his heart.

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somebody said...
on Nov. 20 2011 at 11:20 am
Wow. This is writen so beautifully. I'm speachless. :)

on Nov. 18 2011 at 12:40 pm
Musicalartist, Xxxxx, Other
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this is so beautifuly written!  I love all the musical terms in it, like eighth notes and septuplet!

Keep writing!

~Max <3