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Let Me Live

May 1, 2011
By ElizabethS. PLATINUM, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
ElizabethS. PLATINUM, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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Take nothing but pictures,
Leave nothing but footprints.

Only footprints?
But what about handprints?
If I stumble over this root,
Can I catch my fall
And leave my handprint
In the dust of this trail?
When I stand again
On my own two feet
Making acceptable footprints,
Can I place my hand
Against this tree trunk?
Surely it would be permissible
To rest my forehead
On the back of my hand
On the tree trunk
While I catch my breath.
Let me inhale,
Replenish my lungs
With precious forest air,
Or is that taking more than pictures?
May I exhale
And leave behind
My putrid, disdainful
Carbon dioxide?
That scourge of man and beast;
Life-giver to every bit of
Flora in this forest?
May I sit
On this rock?
May I leave my
Butt print
In this glorious green moss?
Let me take in
This beautiful sight!
Let me cherish these flowers
Of orange and blue.
Let me marvel at the
Grace of this butterfly.
Let me have these memories.
I want pure emotion!
Not Polaroids
Or pixels on a computer screen.
Let me leave behind a piece of me!
Let the stillness
Take away my panic.
Let the beauty
Take away my fear.
Let the glory
Take away my hatred.
I want to give back!
I give this forest
My kindness,
My thankfulness,
My bliss.
Let me take.
Let me leave.
Let me receive.
Let me give.
Let me live.

The author's comments:
Do more than just walk through a forest or national park. Live your life there for every moment that you can.

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