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The Controversial Economy

April 20, 2011
By Hallieinthewings GOLD, Bartlett, Illinois
Hallieinthewings GOLD, Bartlett, Illinois
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Everywhere I go
I hear the sound
Of economic lows
Teachers go on strike
College students riding bikes
To cut the cost of fuel

And the government sends
Young men to war
To fill our resource needs
But we end up paying so much more
Just to get them across sea

And if they die
We'll build a plaque
That's just one more soldier
We'll never get back
But hey, population is on the rise
It's okay if another man dies

Raise your flags America!
And pledge allegiance
To a nation slowly sinking
While taxes rise

Listen to the national debt clock ticking
We're trying to make budget cuts
But what's worth picking?
Your children's education?
Your grandparent's health degeneration?

We're in a crisis here America
And we stay stuck in neutral
Proposed bills being tossed around
And nothing proving to be useful

Just continue on
With your daily lives
Watch proud America
Fall to her demise
Because YOU ignored
Her outcry

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