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The Never-ending Cycle

April 27, 2011
By IRUEHL SILVER, Deland, Florida
IRUEHL SILVER, Deland, Florida
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Those who start wars, never fight them
And those who fight wars, they never like them
And those who write laws, can recite them
And those who fight laws, they live and die by them

My head is full of forgotten sighs
And broken promises
That sway and bounce throughout my head
Giving me sea sickness
Causing me to scream to be heard
The empty sorries that are so easily muttered
And forgotten
Don’t mean anything to me anymore

Solutions to this
Mind boggling, heart breaking curse
Thrive throughout my head
But just like me,
They are forgotten or never good enough

I don’t know where to turn
Or who to go to
So I trap my problems
Hoping to keep them engulfed
In my mind but never
To be thought of again

When one is released
From the jar of misfortunes,
That’s when they pain hurts the most
I tried to forget
But when whey are remembered
Or revealed
So are my wounds
And once again,
The cycle begins

The author's comments:
The Jar of Misfortunes

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