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Pain of Warriors

May 7, 2011
Brim369 SILVER,
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Pain of warriors;
Pain that pushes you to limits.
Pain that, at times, makes you cry.
Pain that makes you scream.

The pain makes you cry silent tears.
You know in your head, Keep pushing.
Coach doesn't acknowledge you, your just another player.
Keep going, your a warrior.

Push through,
do not hesitate,
do not stop to rest,
your loosing precious training time.

Still going,
it's getting worse.
It hurts more,
It hurts much more, and you think you cant do it anymore.
Keep on going, your a warrior.

Pushing through,
not enough sleep,
not enough energy,
not enough strength.
You know your a warrior.

It pays off,
you win the big game.
Tears of joy, and pain overwhelm you,
You have succeeded,
You are a warrior.

Your a warrior of pain.
You are an Athlete.

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