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That One Moment

May 8, 2011
By kaykay101 PLATINUM, Arundel, Maine
kaykay101 PLATINUM, Arundel, Maine
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I started to get lightheaded,
Just thinking of what could happen.
I was so nervous and scared.
The moment I had to get in the car,
Is what I dreaded.

I remember you telling me,
“Everything will be okay.”
You told me just to look up.
And you looking at me,
Is exactly what I’d see.

So in my moment of fear,
I looked up.
I saw your face.
Looking straight at me,
Your voice became the only thing I could hear.

It felt like you were holding me,
Taking away all my pain.
You took away all the sadness.
I felt safe like I was in your arms,
Your face was the only thing I could see.

For that one moment between you and me,
I felt safe.
That feeling soon went away.
The sadness and fear came back,
In your arms is where I wanted to be.

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