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May 12, 2011
By kaykay101 PLATINUM, Arundel, Maine
kaykay101 PLATINUM, Arundel, Maine
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You treat me like s***,
You send my heart a hit.
Throw me a name,
They’re all the same.

I bet you hate your life,
How do you live like that?
Think you’re a good wife?
He must not like you for beauty, you’re ugly as a rat.

It’s okay, I’ll just be nice to you,
I know it’ll drive you crazy.
You don’t have a clue,
‘Cause you’re fricken lazy.

Smoke that cigarette,
Kill yourself with it.
Make sure it stays lit,
You wouldn’t want to waste one bit.

Come inside,
Drink some wine.
Just let it ride,
Drink until you can't walk a straight line.

Start to b****,
Yell some more.
Make sure I don’t snitch,
You feel guilty, I’m sure.

Have fun now,
‘Cause you’re going to hell.
You’ll leave the devil thinking, “Wow!”
As long as I go to Heaven, all is well.

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