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Drown in It

April 6, 2011
By FallingAlways GOLD, Franklin, Wisconsin
FallingAlways GOLD, Franklin, Wisconsin
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"The worst mistake anyone can make is being too afraid to make one." -anonymous.

"Cry me a river",
that's what you said.
"Drown in it, drown in it,
I wish you were dead."

I feel like I'm breaking.
With every inch.
And with every word that you say,
I wince and I wince.

The words that you said
cut me to the core
And now you keep saying it.
You keep saying more and more.

I don't know where to go.
Don't know what to do.
"I'm happy." I say.
Oh, how I wish it were true.

I'm drowning in tears
as deep as the sea.
And your standing right there,
just watching me.

And it hurts.
Everything you do to me.
You're breaking my heart.
Breaking it right in two.

"Cry me a river,"
that's what you said.
"Drown in it, Drown in it.
I wish you were dead."

The author's comments:
It was a hard time in my life. I felt like every single person that I cried in front of loved to see me in pain. It was horrible, being paranoid. I hated not trusting anyone. I couldn't even trust myself. It really hurt me, scarred me even. I still sometimes think it.

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