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May 15, 2011
By shootingstar97 SILVER, Calgary, Other
shootingstar97 SILVER, Calgary, Other
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Sometimes I feel
Like the world is trying to tell me something
I don’t fit in – I am lost

Society keeps me on a chain,
It’s around my wrist
I feel it
It’s trying to change me
Make me someone else
I just want to be.....

So why, why does it keep yanking me back?
Why do I feel it pulling on me?
It’s pulling me back to where I should be
But where I should be, I’m not happy
I just stand there
Acting like I like where I am
But I don’t

I always pull on it.
I want to go the other direction
I don’t want to follow the rules; it hurts
But every time I pull, something holds me back
But I want free
And deep down,
I know
I will never be free
From the world that wants me to be someone else

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